I will never Nanny again and here’s why

So like many in college I have worked off an on as a nanny for the last four years, nothing too crazy just babysitting regularly for a few different families. A few months ago I started working for a coworker of mine (I am a lifeguard as well). Everything was perfectly normal; super cute kids, husky puppy and paid well. The father and I were the ones who knew each other from the pool however we have only shared a few shifts and rarely spoke. The father was about 40, with the kids around 3 and 14, and a wife I have only met a few times.

Yesterday he asked me to watch the kids for a few hours while he was going to a guys night. Seemingly a normal request I agree to go over around 9 and plan to stay until about midnight or so. I arrive and find out that the wife is out of town on a business trip for the week but I don’t think anything of it. The night starts off uneventful. I put the little one to sleep, and the older son watches tv before bed.  Eventually the kids are asleep while the puppy and I lay on the couch in my sweatpants reading.

12 o’clock rolls around and the dad arrives back at the house obviously still intoxicated. I ask about his night while I gather my things and grab my jacket. He respond by saying he wants to make out with me. Continuing he goes on to say that he is attracted to me and if he didn’t have two kids he would try make out with me right then and complimenting my body. In a rush I gather my things and proceed to run out the door. I HAVE LOST MY FAITH IN HUMANITY!

No he was not aggressive, and no i didn’t feel threatened. But it was the matter of the fact that he hit on me. My coworker, and the father to the kids I watch blatantly hit on me with no regard to his wife or consideration of my emotions. You hear about the nanny and the dad getting together stories in my movies but I never thought I could be in the same situation. I refuse to return to the house and am absolutely pissed off that this is what the world has come to vowing never to babysit again.

To everyone reading this never ever hit on the nanny, it’s mortifying and unwelcome, also yes I will be telling his wife.


August 8

Hey everybody Happy Monday! Its noon here and I have already accomplished the world today. I went to work for a few hours this morning and then started the cleaning process of my apartment. I live with 2 other girls at the moment and another one is set to move in next week. So we are now going through and deep cleaning and decluttering the apartment. I have gathered 2 full bags of garbage, and 2 more bags of items to donate. At this point my really gross roommate still has not talked to me in three days…I have never been happier! She is terrified of me after the stuff she tried to pull this weekend here. Still no new date planned with the one I went on a picnic with but I am hoping to see him before I go home to my moms house for a few days later this week. Tonight, however, I have work with a guy that I have been sleeping with occasionally for the last few months. I am looking forward for the work shift because there is a lot of downtime meaning a lot of secret comments or fleeting glances. For the rest of the day before my shift I know I should accomplish some planning for my next semester but I just cant bear to make this week start off on a bad foot by looking at it all. Instead I am going to lay in my hammock and watch Netflix while relaxing. So my fellow cyber people have a lovely Monday and I hope we both get laid tonight!