F*** this

Well it’s only 10:00am on Friday morning and I am so done with today. F*** everyone and everything. I am failing out of college, my depression is making me go crazy, the guy I am in love with wont talk to me and my car is back in the shop, F*** today. My country voted for an acceptable president and the system gave us a sexiest a**hat. I am a female in science who has been told “the education seminar is across the hall” when walking in to a classical mechanics of physics class. The car mechanic is a dipshit who ruined my car while at the same time speaking to me like I am a five year old. The front desk guy hits on me whenever I walk in.

Sometimes life likes to test us. Today I woke¬†up, looked at my life and said “F*** all of you haters. F*** it all. I don’t give a F*** anymore about what people think” So I am going to lay in my bed, eat a god damn cinnamon roll and cuddle with my cat.

Happy F*cking Friday everyone!