My 21st Birthday

Well yesterday was my 21st birthday. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Going into this day I planned on going out at midnight with my best friend “J”, then having a lazy day and going out again on the night of my birthday with J for girls night, ending the night really drunk. Now here is how my birthday actually went….

My best friend canceled on the midnight plans at at 10pm saying she had a midterm the in the morning. Fine. I understand having a midterm but why make plans when you know this test is planned for the next morning? I then spend the night alone at home.

So fastforward to the night of my birthday….I am pregaming with my roommate, having a lovely time. J calls me and we plan on going out at 9 and that she would come to my house to get ready. At this point I am feeling really good and am ready for this night/celebration to start! I am not a drinker generally so about 2 shots will get me drunk. I try to text her and get silence from 7-9pm. At this point I am starting to worry, I don’t have a lot of friends and of the ones I do have none of the others are already 21. I shoot a text to her boyfriend really quick asking if she stopped over there on her way here. After about 15 more minutes of silence I get a text from him saying that they are dressed and on their way. She still has yet to respond to any of my calls or texts. I then get ready at my apartment alone and quickly so that we can go out when they arrive. It takes them an hour to get here. At first I don’t understand at all why the boyfriend is here other than to maybe be our dd for the night. Nope. She brought him as her date to my birthday and they are planning on getting hammered.

Skip ahead again to the first bar…its crowded, smelly and sticky. I don’t know many bars around here since I can only now go out, this was the joint choice of destination by J and her boyfriend. Now at this point I am starting to come down already from the pregame. My old roommate, who I do not like and is not 21, saunters into the bar. I tell J and her boyfriend that I want  to go somewhere else so of course they order us all 2 shots of tequila and beers first. I pound them right after another because I want to leave. They take their time sipping. I am drunk again now and starting to get annoyed. J and her boyfriend have spent the entire night so far playing kissy faces and the table is in silence ignoring the fact that I want to leave. I finish her beer, get up and leave. They follow in a rush asking why I left, again.

They have no other bars planned for the night and are walking like a mushy couple with me trailing behind them. I stop into a quieter bar with few people, a karaoke theme, and a cute bartender. It takes J and the boyfriend a good 5mintues to realize I am no longer following them. I am still pretty drunk from chugging that beer but I am also mad now. This was supposed to be my birthday, my girls night to get really drunk with my best friend and have a good night out. The bartender sees I am down and asks for my Id before realizing its my birthday and giving me a really good shot for free. Now these 2 stumble in behind me and are already trying to get the bartender to hook up with me. They each take 3 more shots, they are drunk and sloppy. I come back from the bathroom to them telling the bartender to give me his number and to take me out. He looks a bit embarrassed and I am mortified. I have serious anxiety so have people push a guy to be with me or push us in the same direction really can get to me. I have started to sober up at this point and want to go home. now. I tell J this and ask her what the plan is for getting home. She drove us in her car to the first bar. She just laughs me off. I have depression and it can make it hard for me to go out with people, to stay out for long amounts of time. J knows this. I am ready to go and they ignore that. So I sit in silence yet again as she and the boyfriend are sucking face next to me. Now, during this, the bartender has actually seemed to be a really nice guy and has gotten me water. He is standing at the corner of the bar near me trying to talk, seeing that the people I came with are ignoring the night. Pretty soon I am sober enough to drive, the bar tender politely gives me his number and I am ready to go. I pull the J and the boy apart for long enough to say I am going home now. They laugh and kiss. I walk out of the bar. A few minutes later they find me outside walking back. they come up to me stubbling drunk and say they want to stay out longer. At this point I don’t care, I take the keys to the car, the three of us pile in and drive back to my apartment. On my 21st birthday I am sober at the end of the night to dive home with two other drunk people making out in the back seat. Not how I saw this night going. I leave them in the car in the parking lot of my apartment complex and go inside with out another word.

So there you have it everyone, my 21st birthday.