August 4

Hey there random people!

So today is Thursday August 4th and to be honest I was a bit sleepy all day. I guess however that was due to the amazing date last night! We had a picnic dinner, he kicked my butt at card games but we went back to his place to attempt to watch a movie. I think we made it exactly 30minutes in to starting the movie before moving to the bedroom, no its not what you think, we just fell asleep. So I leave this morning and come to found out today that this guy I went on a 4th date with also went on a hiking date with a girl that I lived with my freshman year of college. That was awkward. To keep my mind busy I worked all day. I swam for a while so I figured I could skip the usual workout. I just wasn’t feeling it. Now I am sitting here on the couch in my fuzzy slippers with my cat laying next to me. I am generally asleep by now but my brother in law is coming into town tonight with 2 friends for a big car show.¬†Emotionally today was a good day even if it was stressful at times. I am not really sure what else to write today, my mind is a little fuzzy. So I guess that is it for the night then.



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