August 3

Alright so today makes the third day in August. I know i missed yesterdays post so I am going to start with a recap of August 2. Yesterday I worked for most of the day and then completed my whole work out plan with my roommate. She and I are getting along well at this point but our other roommate is annoying me. She is a slob, like smelly room, dirty cat box, black sink disgusting. But back to my day…I went out to my best friend J’s house we hung out there and watched the dogs for a while so that was nice. It was just an off day though so I wasn’t really feeling connected to anyone.

Okay now on to August 3rd. Today so far has been going really well other than the beginning. I woke up to a dirty oven. This may not seem like a terrible thing but the roommate i mentioned before was supposed to clean it the night before, it obviously had not been touched. So at 5am before work I cleaned the oven. She then had the audacity to complain about the noise and say that she had already cleaned it. But whatever I hope she moves out soon anyways. So then I went to work. I got paid today, payed all of my monthly bills and still had some fun money left over. I am meeting up with an old friend from high school in a few minutes. She and I catch up every few months. Its one of those friendships that no matter how long its been you just pick up right where you left off and are still thick as thieves. I also have a date tonight. Its the fourth one with the same guy so I am nervous. We are going on a picnic dinner tonight at the park, I told him it was my favorite dinner place on the first date….he remembered. So overall a good day!




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